Balance Matters: A neuro physical therapist’s journey to make “Sense” of Balance

Ask the Parkinson Expert- Take 6 for PD

May 04, 2023 Erica DeMarch Season 3 Episode 19
Balance Matters: A neuro physical therapist’s journey to make “Sense” of Balance
Ask the Parkinson Expert- Take 6 for PD
Show Notes

I am very excited to share this next podcast episode, Ask the Parkinson Expert- Take 6 for PD.  On this episode, I asked the same 2 questions to all the Parkinson experts I interviewed in April.  When I meet with many of my clients with PD, they ask me what can I do to decrease the progression of the disease?  I was curious how others would answer this question.  So, I asked Dr. Melissa McConaghy, Josepha Domingos , John Dean, Dr. Eric Rhoden, Dr. Becky Farley, Betsy Vierck, and Catherine Ross the same question.  It was fun to hear everyone’s perspectives and definitely made me think differently. 

I am also impressed with all the new emerging research on Pd, but it can be overwhelming.  So, my 2nd question to everyone was what research are they following and what they would recommend others to follow that they feel can make a difference in people’s lives? 

Throughout the conversations we had some overlapping themes, as well as new and different perspectives.

Question 1: 

12 Tips to slow the progression of the disease from PD experts!

  • Start exercise as soon as possible, although it’s never too late! (Dr. McConaghy)
  • Do as much as possible that is relevant! (Dr. McConaghy)
  •  Stay updated on the exercise research! (Josepha Domingos)
  • Clinicians should listen and watch their clients closely! (John Dean)
  • Make sure you have intimate conversations and cater to your client, not just the disease. (Dr. Eric Rhoden)
  • Find clinicians that are specialized in PD. (John Dean and Dr. Eric Rhoden)
  • Treat the whole person- attach this from as many angles as possible. It’s not singularity, it’s a web, everything is interconnected.  (Dr. Eric Rhoden)
  • Attack as many angles as you can.  How many systems in your body are your trying to optimize.  Treat the whole person (diet, sleep, exercise…) like a professional athlete for your life.  Optimize and train that way so can compete in life at your best. (Dr. Eric Rhoden)
  • Let’s train people with PD like an athlete! (Dr. Becky Farley)
  •  Intensity is important, but so is volume!  Don’t take for granted what you do on a daily basis, move every day! (Dr. Becky Farley)
  •  Be informed of what can happen to you and what you can do to help it. (Betsy Vierck)
  •  Exercise should be goal oriented for the individual. (Catherine Ross)

 Here is a great article and webinar discussing if there is a way to slow Parkinson’s progression: ‘Can We Put the Brakes on Parkinson’s Progression? | Parkinson's Foundation’.

 Question 2: 

What new research do PD experts recommend following?  Various topics on research were discussed and we added some articles on each topic.  (Please see all articles and resources here: Take6forPD to increase PD awareness – Step and Connect